In BILBAO CITY VIEW our aim is to create an accessible transport service which is inclusive of all our customers, regardless their age or mobility capacities. We are committed to ensuring all our customers enjoy our services with the same safe, equal and comfortable conditions, ensuring the highest autonomy as possible.

Therefore, all our vehicles are accessible.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question or concern about our services accessible our disabled customers, through any of the channels available:


Our accessible buses

The vehicles of BILBAO CITY VIEW feature the following elements:

- Special seats for people with reduced mobility who are users of wheelchairs or mobility scooters. Our buses have, at least, 1 seat of this kind. 
- Preferential seats for people with reduced mobility, senior people with mobility issues, pregnant women and people with young children.
- External signals to indicate that it is an accessible vehicle.
- External button to access through the lifting ramp.
- Access ramp.
- Lifting system on the bus.
- Internal stop push-button. 
- Anti-slipping floor.
- Handles and handhold system.
- Side edges of steps signalled.
- Visual and audio information at stops.


Special seats

Please check ALSA website to read about the conditions of your trip if you travel on a wheelchair or a scooter:


Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs, including dogs assisting people with diabetes and epileptic disorders, can travel inside the bus at no cost.

They should lay on the floor, at the passenger´s feet.

The dog must wear a safety harness. The passenger will be asked by our staff to provide evidence that the dog is an assistance dog, as a certificate, at boarding on BILBAO CITY VIEW services.


Other assistant services

• In-person Service at the Customer Service Office (OAC), an accessible facility. Magnetic induction loop to enable communication with people with a hearing impairment Address: Licenciado Poza 8. 48008 Bilbao. Timetable: From Monday to Friday: 7:30am - 8pm. Saturday: 9am - 8pm. Sunday and Public Holidays: 9am - 2pm.
• Accessible information system and Map’s Voice, providing information on timetables, fares, itineraries, monuments, etc.Access available at OAC and on the vehicles.
• Plans available in Braille with itineraries available at OAC and on vehicles.
• Sign language video interpreting service into Spanish to ensure that people with hearing impairments have the same access to the information as the rest of our passengers. You can access from the Bilbao City View website. The service SVISUAL is available from 8am to 8pm, from Monday to Friday.
• Use of access doors on demand. People with reduced mobility canuse the exit door to board on the bus and use the space reserved. Also, when required, people with reduced mobility may be able to alight from the entrance door. 
• Approaching a stop. The driver will get as close as possible to the stop for the boarding and disembarking of passengers.
• Priority at boarding and disembarking. Wheelchair or mobility scooter users have priority to get on the bus. When disembarking, people with reduced mobility will get on board first, and then the rest of people standing at the stop will get on board. 
• Free ticket for assistants travelling with disabled customers. Assistants travelling with blind passengers or people with reduced mobility who are wheelchair or mobility scooter users will travel for free.


Assisted Travel Team.

Our dedicated staff assisting our passengers are specifically trained to assist people with mobility impairments.



Certificate on accessibility

Our services have been designed in compliance with all the Universal Accessible Standards, as the UNE 170001, and are being certified by AENOR.

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