How long does each route take?

The route has an approximate duration of one hour.

How often do the buses pass?

Bilbao City View's fleet of buses means it is able to offer a frequency of every hour in off-peak season and every 30 minutes in peak season.

Will there be someone on board offering information on the service?

Yes, there will be a representative on the buses, or a driver who speaks several languages, to answer all your questions about Bilbao City View and to recommend the best places to see in the city and its surroundings.

Where can I catch the buses?

You can get on at any of our stops. If you don't have a ticket yet, you can buy one on board.

Where do the routes start?

The main stop is the one outside the Guggenheim Museum. However, you can jump on the bus at any of our stops.

Can I go and come back on the same bus?

Bilbao City View routes are circular, so you can return to the stop where you caught the bus, or to any other stop, at any time.

How can I find out about any changes to the service?

We will highlight any changes to the service on our website. We recommend visiting the website on the day you plan to use the service to make sure you're well informed.

What are the buses like?

All our buses are red, open top double deckers. You board the buses via the front door and exit via the rear door. Wheelchair access is via the rear door.

Do the buses have an audio guide?

Yes, all our buses have an automatic audio guide system in 8 languages: Basque, Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Catalan and Galician. We will give you the earphones free of charge when you buy your ticket and all you have to do is select the right channel for the language you need.

Are the buses open or closed top buses?

Our buses have a retractable roof which is only closed when it rains. If you prefer, you are welcome to travel on the ground floor, which is fully air conditioned. For your own safety, you must remain seated.

Is there space for wheelchairs?

All Bilbao City View buses have an access ramp and a wheelchair space on board the vehicle. Each bus has one wheelchair space.

Where can I buy a ticket?

Tickets can be bought on any of our buses as well as at the various official points of sale and via our website. If you buy your ticket online, simply print it off and show it when you board the bus at any of our stops.

Is the ticket valid for a single day, or for 24 hours?

Bilbao City View tickets are valid for 24 hours.

Do children need a ticket?

Under 4s do not pay. Children aged 4 to 12 need a Child ticket and children aged 13 and over need an Adult ticket.

How much do tickets cost?

Adult tickets are €15 and Child tickets are €7. You can find all the information on ticket prices on our website.

Can I bring luggage?

Our buses do not have a luggage compartment, so any luggage you bring will need to be small cases which you can keep with you, and which will not take up another seat or block the aisles or emergency exits. Unfortunately you will not be able to board with large suitcases or items of luggage.

Can I bring a buggy or pram?

Yes. It will need to remain on the ground floor, folded away if possible. The buggy may be parked in the wheelchair space; however, disabled passengers will take priority and you will have to move the buggy if necessary.

Do I need to bring my own earphones?

No. When you board the bus you will be given one set of earphones per ticket purchased. However, if you wish, you may use your own earphones, which you can connect to the audio system with a 3.5mm mini-jack.

Are there any specific safety regulations that must be followed on the buses?

As Bilbao City View is a service provided on moving buses, it is very important to adhere strictly to the safety regulations outlined by on board personnel and through the audio guide system. During the trip you are not permitted to stand, eat, drink, smoke, use an umbrella on the top deck or place any item outside the bus.

Are animals allowed on board?

No animals or pets are allowed on Bilbao City View buses except guide dogs.

Do I have priority boarding if I have already bought my ticket?

All passengers must wait in line to board the bus at each stop, regardless of whether or not they have already bought their ticket.

Can I smoke on the bus?

No, smoking is strictly prohibited on all of our buses.

What do I do if I lose my ticket?

Unfortunately, passengers can only travel on our buses with a valid ticket, and the loss or theft of your ticket does not entitle you to an exchange or refund. We do not accept any other form of proof of payment or reused tickets. Once you have bought your ticket you must keep it with you, as you will need to show it to the get on the bus and there will also be routine ticket inspections. It is the passenger's responsibility to ensure they have been given a ticket and if not, to request one from the on board personnel at the time of purchase.

Do you have a lost property office?

You can contact us by email at …………………………… or at our customer service office at C/Licenciado Poza, 8. Tel: +34 94 479 09 81.

Where can I lodge a complaint about the service?

If you are not satisfied with our service, you can contact us by email at ……………………………… or at our customer service office, which is located at C/Licenciado Poza, 8. We will need as much information as possible to study your case and we will get back to you as quickly as we can


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